Loudspeaker Controller

The DCX2496 processor is our base model in speaker processors for use with all Emerald Physics loudspeakers. With 24/96kHz resolution and excellent flexibility, the DCX is a surprisingly strong performer. It provides a stereo pair of analog inputs and a AES digital input routed to 3 pairs of outputs. In our normal biamp configurations, we use 2 pairs of outputs (bass and treble) as part of our preset configuration files.

The DCX allows us to comprehensively control our loudspeakers in order to support their outstanding sonic attributes. Here are some of the parameters under control:

  • Crossover Network Filters
  • Parametric Equalization
  • Time Alignment of transducers
  • System Gain
  • Individual output channel gain

Active vs Passive Crossover Networks
This approach to loudspeaker system design offers tremendous sonic benefits when compared to conventional designs incorporating passive networks. The amplifier is now coupled directly to the speaker driver providing superior dynamic expression, clarity and transparency. Direct coupling also allows proper control of the woofer through optimized electrical damping resulting in articulate, powerful bass performance.

Plug and Play
With our pre-installed configuration files, setup and use of the DCX could not be easier. Once the location of the speaker is chosen, simply load the file whose name corresponds to its distance from the wall, such as “CS2 3FT”. Press OK and you are playing music. Emerald Physics has developed these equalization files in actual rooms to simulate real world listening room conditions.

Simple Gain Control
The DCX processor employs simple front panel access to make real-time adjustments to gain levels of the whole system as well as individual amplifier levels. In biamplified systems where power amps of different gain levels are used, this is a valuable feature that enables easy level matching.

World Model
The DCX2496 automatically locks to any world Voltage/Current combinations without adjustment or modification.

Company Integrity
Uli Behringer • Chairman

Behringer GmbH is a highly respected German company with a reputation for effective, high performance products. Behringer is the world’s largest maker of professional audio equipment with more than 2500 employees and distribution and repair operations in 125 countries.

DCX2496 Rear Panel

A - Left channel analog input or AES digital input
B - Right channel analog input

1 - Left channel Bass output to amplifier
2 - Right channel Bass output to amplifier
3 - unused
4 - unused
5 - Left channel Treble output to amplifer
6 - Right channel Treble output to amplifier

Serial Port: Allows future updates of our configuration files.
IEC Power Inlet: Automatically locks to any world voltage/current