Controlled Directivity Loudspeaker

The new CS2.7 is here! The new CS2.7 is a radical step forward and a worthy upgrade from our best seller, the CS2.3. With its new state of the art 12" point source professional midrange/tweeter drive system, the CS2.7 is a true higher resolution step over the CS2.3. It is basically our $15,000 CS1.3 with CS2.3 20Hz bass output. The increased resolution, speed and inner detail of the 2.7 are exceptional. The speaker sounds more like an electrostatic in these areas. Imagine an electrostatic with superb bass, dynamics and 97Db efficiency!

Our Controlled Directivity design removes the listening room and allows the speakers to work in almost all rooms.

The CS2.7 is a 3-way, bi-amplified, dipole speaker design. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism and dimensionality at its price. Our proprietary Aperture Bass Propagation Technology is used for both 15" dipole woofers, improving low frequency power and linearity, while retaining all the speed and articulation of the original CS2. DSP equalization and active crossover functions are provided by the included Cullen modified Behringer DCX2496 Digital Processor. Even better is an optional Spatial Computer front end.

CS2.7 Pricing
with Cullen Modified DCX2496 .....   $7995
Black Oak, Mahogany, Cherry Veneers
  • Shipping not included.
  • Custom orders not refundable.
  • Behringer DCX warranty covered by Behringer limited warranty agreement.
  • Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
Sales Contact: Walter Liederman 770-667-5633 WLiederman@aol.com

CS2.7 Specifications
  • System Type: 3-way, Bi-amplified Dynamic Dipole - DSP equalized
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz–22kHz -1dB Linearity: +/- 0.50 dB from 100Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms woofers & 8 ohms midrange/tweeter
  • Max Power input: 200W RMS, 400W program
  • Sensitivity: 97dB 2.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz
  • Drivers: High Freq: 1.4” exit compression driver w/patented magnet structure
  • Mid Freq: 12 inch proprietary coaxial design w/edge wound ribbon VC
  • Low Frequency: Two 15 inch paper cone woofers
  • Crossover: Mid/high –Internal passive acoustic filter @ 700Hz.
  • Low/Mid –External asynchronous DSP active network @ 100-200Hz.
  • The system can be actively tri-amped with the Spatial Computer system
  • Frequency contour: Digital equalization included – Modified Behringer DCX2496
Standard Finishes: 
Mahogany, Cherry, Black veneers with Black trim.

48”H x 18.5W x 2”D (Baffle)
Weight: Net: 67 lbs,
Shipping: 81 lbs each