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Emerald Physics OB-SW24

The Emerald Physics OB-SW24

was introduced at the Axpona 2018 show. It is a state of the art open baffle folded box design with a 24" XBL2 subwoofer driver. The driver has a 46mm one way X-Max. The sub will come with a digital room correction device from DSPeaker as well as outboard 450 watt Emerald physics power amplifier. We are rating this sub to do 125Db at 10Hz in room as a preliminary spec. This will be the ultimate subwoofer for any planar speakers like our EP2.8 as well as large Magnepans and Martin Logans.  It will also work with any other high end large scale speakers.The size is 24" wide x 48" high and 48" deep.

The woofer is using 13 ply Baltic birch with a rosewood/ebony veneer over it.

The 24” woofer has the following specs:

DCR: 5.8 Ohms

Le: 5 mH

Fs: 28 Hz

Qts: 0.7

Vas: 328 liters

Sd: 2140 cm^2

Xmax: 46mm one way

Pmax: 800W

SPL: 91.4 dB @ 1W, 1m

More to follow after introduction