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  • Special Edition version of 100.2
  • Fully balanced design
  • 100 watts RMS @ 8 ohms
  • 150 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
  • 275 watts RMS mono operation
  • 450 watts in mono @ 4 ohms
  • 2 ohm stable/4 ohms in mono operation
  • Copper RCA & XLR inputs
  • Extremely efficient (~93%)
  • Digital amp with custom analog power supply
  • Upgraded caps, resistors and hand wound inductors
  • 50% larger power supply than the standard amp
  • Beautiful upgraded powder coated glossy metal chassis
  • Copper binding posts
  • Made in USA
  • Discontinued- sold out

Ask us about the Beeswax fuse option that is amazing with our amps. It blew us away.

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Input Impedance
@ 1KHz ohms 19k single ended/ 38k balanced
Output Impedance
@ 1KHz ohms: <0.1ohm
Damping Factor
Input Sensitivity for 1W/8ohms (V)
90mw SE/45mw in mono
Input Sensitivity for Maximum Power (V)
Nominal Voltage Gain into 8 Ohms (dB)
30dB SE/ 36dB mono
S/N Ratio Ref. Rated Power (dB)
S/N Ratio Ref. 1W/8 Ohms (dB)
Made in USA
3 year warranty
9.5"W x 3.5"H x 10.25"D
Dimensions (with spikes and binding posts)
9.5"W X 4.25" H x 12.5" D
Shipping Dimensions
12.5" x 14.5" x 6.5"
Net- 16.5 pounds, Shipping weight: 17.5 pounds
Retail $2200.00
On sale for a limited time at $799.00
Frequency Response:
10Hz - 20kHz +/- .25dB
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1) I think the EP 100.2SE amp is broken in or at least close so when I finally had the both the amp and preamp last night for the first time, even my wife said," That sounds better than your old amp."  Actually it was a profound difference. I was blown away by the soundstaging and detail. I couldn't believe the sound coming thru my 3.1's.Looks like I had good taste to trust your judgment. A thousand thanks for turning me on to these great components.

2) Walter,
Hi, absolutely love my new 100.2 SE amp. It's far better than I was hoping for, I knew your amp would sound better than my Emotiva XPA-2 after hearing it at RMAF12, but I wasn't prepared for how much better it would make my whole system sound. The imaging is lifelike and solid, grounded, planted firmly in place. I feel like I could reach out and touch the performers and instruments. The soundstage extends completely around me sounding like I have surround speakers behind me, especially with movie soundtracks. Everything sounds so real. I'm hearing the subtleties, nuances and textures I've only heard in live music (my reference), and  very occasionally on well set up high end systems.  It's super transparent and majorly musical. My food and alcohol expenditures are through the roof with all the musicians coming over and playing for me and hanging out. And this is with my Focal 806V's and 2 subs, I sold my EP CS-3's to a friend who can’t believe what he's hearing, and am saving for the new CS2.3's, can't wait. Of course the power regenerator and PS AUDIO PerfectWave MKII DAC you sold me are feeding the magic also. I thank you, Walter, you have helped me buy a system that exceeds most systems I've ever heard in my life, at any cost, in creating true live sounding, fully room filling music in my small trailer or medium and large rooms.  Your Emerald Physic speakers are what I've been looking for, for many years and your amps complete the package, and provide a live, musical sound, beyond description that I could never ever afford with any other system. I'm definitely buying one more amp and maybe 3.

3) Walter--OK, thanks. I'll just give you my thoughts on the amp in case that's helpful. I had a Response Audio modified Jolida tube amp that I really liked but I was getting sick of dealing with tubes. also, since I listen alot, I wanted to try and make my system as energy efficient as possible. When I read that some of the "class-d" amps had tube like sound AND hyper efficiency I decided to give that technology a whirl. I first tried a Rawson gainclone DIY-ish (forget what chip it used) amp but found it life-less. I then got a Mardis modified Trends Tripath amp and mostly loved it. Got the upgrade bug and got the PSA Audio HCA-2 and heard improvements but also heard some things I didn't like, mostly that it wasn't dead quiet through my high efficiency speakers and somehow it just sounded too powerful (i'm not quite sure how else to put that). To my ears there was a sense power that was above and beyond the music. What I really like about the Emerald Physics amp it has the tube like sound of the modified Trends and is just as quiet yet has way more MUSICAL power, a greater sense of air, better center fill, and just plain better conveys the aspects of real music that are most important to me when listening recorded music. One last observation is that I REALLY like how McIntosh gear does percussion but in other ways aren't totally enamored of the Mac sound. I have a MAC preamp that seems to deliver that great percussion with almost any power amp I hook it up to but otherwise I prefer my Sonic Euphoria TVC passive preamp. Somehow, with the Sonic Euphoria hooked up to the Emerald Physics EP100.2 I get that Mac percussion sound that I like so much! Anyway i'm very happy with the EP evan

4) WOW! Does this 100.2SE amp sound great! Just been listening a little while playing the new Thievery Corporation album and it runs circles around my VTL. Bass is more extended ( no surprise there) but MUCH faster! It responds well to good power filtering ahead of it and works even better plugged into my PS Audio Power Plant Premiere AC Regenerator (something I couldn't do with my VTL) Can't wait to hear how it sounds once it's burned in for awhile!

5) I have about 200 hours on the amps.

Here is my opinion, how can you turn a pair of speakers into a 5 speaker home theater?
Buy a pair if emerald physics 100.2se!

I hooked them up to my pair of Magnepan 3.6 speakers. I had been using either a Bryson 4b or Rogue audio 60 tube amp.

What happened was surprising and amazing. The speakers turned into 5!
They opened up and shot music in several directions. Front, side and yes even rear!

I played CDs and DVDs through them and forgot that it was not a home theater set up because the sound became 3d holographic!

This has to be heard to be believed. I welcome anyone to listen to them at my home.  William bowers

6) Hello Walter, Just wanted to share some thoughts on the 100.2SE/Dual Core combo. I have had a lot of equipment pass through my home the past 35yrs and I have never been able to get the full potential out of anything I have had due to a very tough room. When I saw your special on the above combo, mainly the room correction I decided to give it a try. I must say I have been very pleased. There was quite a bit of a learning process with the dual core to get to its full potential (at least for me) actually I’m not really there yet. But anyway I must say the sound I’m getting has finally gotten me to the point of just enjoying the music! I am extremely happy with the 100.2Se. I was a little concerned with it being class D not having heard any that I was very pleased with in the past . I replaced a $5500.00 Hegel H300 which was a very good integrated but the 100Se has great slam its sounds more powerful than the 250 watt Hegel! It also has a much wider sound stage. Two areas important to me. These comments are with the correction bypassed, with the correction it just takes it to another level. Again just a few comments I wanted to share.

Thanks for the recommendation, Irwin

7) Hi Walter, I am eagerly awaiting news on when you will be shipping the EP-X speakers (I'm on the pre-order list).

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the pair EP100.2 SE's I picked up from you at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, CA. I have had various amplifiers in my system over the years, from tubes to solid state. But I never thought I would consider Class D until I heard your amps at the show. My system consists of various pieces that I swap in and out based on the my mood and the content I'm playing:

Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 Evolution Turntable

Audio Technica AT33EV Moving Coil Cartridge

Ray Samuels Audio F-117, The Nighthawk MC/MM Phono Stage

Marantz AV-7005 AV Preamp

Audio Research LS-25 Preamp

Synology Diskstation as DLNA music source

Hafler 9505 Diablo Stereo Power Amp

Quick Silver Audio V4 Tube Monoblock Amps

Magnepan 3.5/R Speakers

PSB Platinum T6 Speakers

Tannoy Reveal Monitors (Original Version)

Kimber Select cables throughout

Since placing the EP100.2 SE's in my system, my other amps have become redundant. I get the slam of solid-state with the sweetness of tubes from mid-range on up. But come to think of it, I can't even call these new amps "sweet" because that implies a traditional flavor of sound that I've always associated with electronics in general. These amps are more neutral yet never cold or harsh. They present a lot of detail but again, never sound etched in any way. The detail is natural andnon-fatiguing. Micro & macro-dynamics are also first class, which benefits both music and movies. The music makes you tapyour toes, while movies make you jump out of your seat.

They are also capable of easily driving my Magnepans. I've had good results with both Hafler & Quick Silver, but each amp had its strengths and weaknesses. With the EP100.2 SE's, there is no compromise. Plenty of current for bass yet the highs remain natural and highly resolved.

I even got some unsolicited praise from my family that came over to watch a movie. The only change in the system was the EP100.2 SE's had replaced the Hafler 9505. After the movie was over, I noticed some members of my family looking around the room. When I asked what they were looking for, they all asked: "Where are you new subwoofers?" I have never owned nor liked subwoofers. They have always sounded detached and non-integrated in every system I've heard. With these new amps, I don't ever need subwoofers. I get great sound from top to bottom.  

I could go on and on, regarding buzz words like imaging, coherence, blah, blah, blah. But these amps just need to be heard to be appreciated. Great job on these amps, if you can get the word out, you will sell tons of them (if you aren't already).   Kam

8) Hello Walter, I have been listening to the EP 100.2SE all day. There was an immediate and very noticeable difference over the NAD c270. I am very happy with what I am hearing. Unfortunately the power socket on my Clearaudio Concept broke today so I will be without my TT for a while but that will give me a chance to rediscover my much improved digital music collection. BTW, the casework is beautiful, understated, solid. I will try and give you a better write up when I get a chance.  Thanks again, Joe E.

 9) Dear Walter, The 100.2SE amp arrived Thursday, and is a real joy. It’s still just burning in, of course, but I can already tell that this is best audio purchase in many years. Major step from my Quad 909. Many thanks for your help! I will be sure to think of you again the next time I need a new component!   Best regards, Claude

10) Wally thanks again as well.  I can't thank you enough for what has happened to my audio listening enjoyment with the DSPeaker Dual Core...  Stunned.  When paired with the EP 100.2 SE when we put the needle to vinyl the world literally stops and no one speaks and when the music stops there is a sense of pause hoping it will return... and when it does a comfort of being enveloped in a sublime emersion of sound.  I know you understand.

 I have good friends locating and sending us some incredible vintage vinyl recordings in mint condition... It's incredibly addicting. No sub, no surround, two speakers "live" we are there. Had no idea this kind of sound quality was achievable. Many thanks, Ray

11) Walter, I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to your Emerald Physics EP100.2SE amplifiers.  These amps are a substantial upgrade from my old Rogue M150's.  The EP amps make the music jump out of my speakers. The incredible, crisp, clean detailed sound that I hear out of the highs and mids, along with the amazing punch in the bottom end, totally blows my mind.  Whether I am listening to an acoustic guitar, violin, or piano, the instruments sound lifelike.  Voices sound like the artists are singing in my room.  I cannot believe that the only thing I changed in my system is  the amps.  The EP amps create a wall of sound.  If I did not know better, I would think I was listening to more than two speakers.  No matter who I listen to, it sounds like the band invited more musicians to play.  The amps are full sounding and more musical.  Thanks again, DF

12) I received 2 of the EP100.2SE amps. I have the amps hooked up and I must say I am quite impressed. These are really very, very attractive and you are correct in that they sound significantly better than the W4S St 1000 MKII amps.  JJ

13) I wanted to let you know that the amps (EP100.2SE) in this system have a very tube-like quality in their ability to recreate the piano. Impressive!  Thanks, Dan

14) Wally, These 100.2SE amps (now broken in) are just tremendous.  The soundstage is crazy better than the ChanneI Island d-200's I had and the way they handle really low notes is great, "force" but controlled. 

I'm so glad I did this.  Thanks for keeping high end audio alive and well.   Happy Holidays, MP

In the Stereotimes review of the EP4.7 they said the following about the 100.2SE amp:

“The EP 100.2SE drove this 82db sensitivity pair of speakers to my highest listening level with ease, the volume knob just shy of the 12:00 position in our large room. The bass was tight and controlled and there was plenty of transient snap in the percussive delivery of the various instruments. The sound was harmonious with great pacing and the bass had a resident growl that was quite thrilling. There was adequate depth to the stage and nice transparency to the production. The EP 100.2SE is a great Class D stereo amp with power that defies it’s modest stature.”

 “Throughout my time with the EP100.2SE, I was impressed with the amplifier’s ability to present a realism missing from my other solid state amps. This amp offers great musicality, plenty of dynamics and a nicely defined bass response - and I found the amp worked quite well with different speakers, from smaller to larger and both efficient and inefficient designs. I hope to keep one of these amplifiers around for a while.”

Read the review at:

My wife said: " That sounds better than your old amp."
Client Feedback
"The 100Se sounds more powerful than the 250 watt Hegel!"
Client Feedback
"I feel like I could reach out and touch the performers and instruments"
Client Feedback
"Bass is more extended ( no surprise there) but MUCH faster!"
Client Feedback
"Turn a pair of speakers into a 5 speaker home theater"
Client Feedback
"Where are you new subwoofers?"
- Kam