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EP-4 models

The EP-4 series is the baby brother to the dual woofer top of the line EP-2 series. Both feature a 3-way design. Both EP-4 models use a 15" carbon fiber woofer, 12" midrange and coincident tweeter for superb imaging. They are 41" high versus the 51" on the EP2 speakers. They can be looked at as a EP-3 series with 15" woofer or a EP-2 series with only one woofer instead of two. The EP4.4 and EP2.4 are the same less one woofer on the EP4.4. The EP4.8 and EP2.8 are the same less one woofer on the EP4.8. Both the 4.4 and 4.8 use the same 15" Carbon Fiber woofer. The EP4.4 uses a paper cone midrange with our Poly compression tweeter. The EP4.8 steps up to our 12" Carbon Fiber midrange along with our top of the line Neo tweeter. The 4.8 also gets a step up crossover. Both models extend to 35Hz with no equalization and 26Hz by adding our BOM or one of the two DSP crossover equalizers. Both modes can be run from a single amp and come with a full range crossover. They can also be biamped or triamped for even improved sonics.