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$500.00  Now shipping and on sale for $349.00 delivered in the USA

The Bass Optimization Module (BOM) is a fully adjustable 4-pole Linkwitz Transform Function analog bass equalizer. It is designed to tailor the bass response of any speaker by adding an addition 5-15Hz of low bass and optimize the amount of bass from the speaker to match your room's acoustics. You use two of the pots to enter the "Q" (type of design. ie acoustic suspension, ported or open baffle) and "Fs" resonance (more or less the -3dB point) of your speaker. Then, you use the other two pots to dial in your target additional bass required and target "Fs" (expressed as boost). The EQ changes the woofer output from your actual curve to the target curve.The BOM works with any speaker and can add an extra 5-15Hz of low bass and offers level adjustment of that bass. Use it with Emerald speakers or any other brand for improved bass performance.  Input impedance is a a very high 100K Ohms. Output impedance is 20 ohms.

The BOM is great on most speakers and is wonderful on monitors like the KEF LS50 and Magnepans. It also works on moderate sized floor speaker with bass extension to 30Hz as well.

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8"w x 1.9"h x 5"d 6" with controls & inputs
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