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The new EP2.7 is the EP2.3 with a dramatically better Emerald Physics custom Polyester tweeter. It will also come with our $600.00 Special Edition crossovers as well as the beautiful $1200.00 automotive Tri-coat finish. It will also use upgraded internal cable. The new EP2.7  is a more refined version of the EP2.3 with better resolution, detail & micro dynamics. With its
new state of the art 12" point source professional midrange and state of the art tweeter drive system, the EP2.7 is a true higher resolution step over the EP2.3. The increased resolution, speed and inner detail of the EP2.7's is exceptional. The speaker sounds more like an electrostatic in these areas. Imagine an electrostatic with superb bass, dynamics and 97dB efficiency!

Our Controlled Directivity design removes the listening room and allows the speakers to work in almost all rooms.

The EP2.7 is a 3-way, 4 driver, bi-amplified, dipole speaker design. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism and dimensionality at its price. Our proprietary Aperture Bass Propagation Technology is used for both custom Emerald Physics 15" dipole woofers, improving low frequency power and linearity, while retaining all the speed and articulation of the EP2.3. DSP equalization and active crossover functions are provided by the included Special Edition passive midrange/tweeter crossovers and the Emerald Physics DSP2.4 digital electronic crossover between the woofers and midrange.

EP2.7  Pricing

  • with DSP crossover ..... $8995/pr
  • Black or White Automotive Tri-Coat finish is standard
  • A beautiful Rosewood faux Tri-coat wood finish is optional at $1500.00 a pair.

Shipping not included.


  • 51”H x 22W inc bass x 3”D (Baffle)
  • Weight: Net: 78 lbs,
  • Shipping: 98 lbs each
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Available in black or white

System Type
3-way, 4 driver Bi-amplified Dynamic Dipole - DSP equalized
Frequency Range
20Hz–22kHz : +/- 2 dB from 100Hz-20kHz to target curve
4 Ohms woofers & 8 ohms midrange/tweeter
Max Power Input
250W RMS, 500W program
97dB 2.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz
High Freq: 1” Polyester compression driver w neo magnet & copper clad aluminum VC
Mid Freq
12 inch Emerald Physics 12.1 midrange design w/edge wound ribbon VC
Low Frequency
Two Emerald physics 15 inch paper cone woofers
Mid/high –External Special Edition passive acoustic filter @ 900Hz.
Low/Mid –External asynchronous DSP active network @ 250Hz.
The system can be actively triamped with two DSP2.4 crossovers
Frequency contour
Digital equalization included – Emerald Physics DSP2.4
Standard Finishes
Black or White Automotive Tri-coat
Optional Finish
Faux Rosewood Tricoat hi gloss wood finish
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
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