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The new EP-3.7 is the upgraded version of our EP-3. The EP-3 represents the next generation in our dipole technology with its point source design. There is not a single part from the original series in this new EP-3.7 upgraded version. The EP-3.7 employs our new Emerald Physics EP12.1 custom 12” woofer/midrange and tweeter point source driver with our high end Polyester tweeter as also used in the EP2.7 and EP4.7 models. It comes with our $600.00 external Special Edition passive crossover and the beautiful $1200.00 8 stage Tri-coat automotive finish in any of 5 colors. The Emerald Physics DSP2.4 electronic crossover/EQ provides DSP controlled subwoofer crossover and equalization for the system. Our controlled dispersion design eliminates most listening room anomalies, allowing the EP-3.7 to sound great in virtually all rooms. With a powered subwoofer you can have a fully bi-amplified system that can fill almost any sized room with superb dynamics and bass into the 20Hz range. Our beautiful new cosmetic is a major upgrade. High Gloss Tri-coat is standard. Custom Cocobolo and Rosewood hand painted Tricoat is also available as a $800.00 option.


  • Single Amp drive - Does not require bi-amplification.
  • New Emerald Physics EP12.1 12" midrange w/Emerald 1" Polyester tweeter point source driver
  • World Class sonic performance in a compact package.
  • Incredible imaging and soundstage reproduction.
  • World Class Bass speed and articulation.
  • Works well in small rooms as close as 2 feet from the rear wall.
  • Can be used with moderate stereo amps & integrated amps w/preout & main in.
  • includes outboard hi pass Special Edition $600.00 crossover
  • Includes DSP 2.4 crossover/EQ which has subwoofer crossover for bass extension & adds the ability to play extremely loud in larger rooms.

Retail price from $5,995/ pair with DSP2.4 EQ/CrossoverStandard hi gloss automotive in black, anthracite or red.  
Cocobolo or Rosewood adds $800.00/pr
Optional front grills to cover the drivers are available at $150/pr


System Type
Passive 2-way Dynamic Dipole - DSP crossover & equalized
Frequency Range
48Hz–22kHz +2/-3dB without subwoofer from target curve
Frequency Linearity
+/- 0.50 dB from 100Hz-20KHz from target curve
8 Ohms nominal
Max Power Input
150W RMS, 300W program
95dB 1.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz
Emerald Physics High Freq: 1 inch exit Polyester compression driver
Emerald Physics Low Freq
12 inch paper cone with 2.5” voice coil
3rd order acoustic Butterworth filter at 900Hz
Digital Frequency crossover/Equalizer
|Emerald Physics DSP2.4
8 Stage Hi Gloss Tri-coat is standard. Optional Cocobolo or Rosewood is $800.00
38.75”H x 22W x 3”D baffle, Base is 15.25” depth total
Net: 60lbs, Shipping each: 75lbs each
All specifications and pricing subject to change