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The EP4.3 is now Steven Stone's, from the Absolute Sound, new Reference speakers. He said:

“Changed my (Reference) Genesis 6.1’s for the EP4.3’s which I have used in three different rooms. In every room, and each was quite different, it was easy to set-up and dial-in the speakers so that they imaged so well that they disappeared”

The Emerald Physics EP4.3 is the big brother to our top selling EP3. It is the EP3 with a 15" open baffle woofer for extended bass response and the ability to run without a subwoofer. It also comes with our $600.00 Special Edition midrange/tweeter crossover. EP4.3 Efficiency is the same 95db as the EP3 but bass response now extends to 28Hz in a small open baffle design that will fill any reasonably sized room with Emerald's unique "almost live" sonic signature. And just like all EP speakers the EP4.3 removes most of the rooms sonics so they will work in virtually all rooms. With its new Emerald Physics designed 12" point source professional midrange/tweeter driver system, the EP4.3 is a true 3-way, bi-amplified, dipole, controlled directivity speaker. Cutting edge sonic performance established a new level of realism & dimensionality at anywhere near its Internet Direct cost. This EP4.3 model does not share a single part from the original CS2 series products. It has new outboard crossovers, DSP crossover/EQ, drivers, upgraded baffle, connectors and much improved cosmetics of the older CS series

The new Emerald point source midrange/tweeter offers amazing imaging and sound-staging. The innovation continues in the Bass range with our unique Aperture Bass Propagation Technology. This proprietary system is used for the custom Emerald 15" dipole woofer, improving low frequency power and linearity, while improving on the speed and articulation of the original CS2.3. The custom designed Emerald 15" woofer moves 80% more air than the original CS series woofers so a single 15 gets us almost as much bass as the dual 15's of the older models. DSP equalization and active crossover functions are provided by the included Emerald Physics DSP2.4 Digital Processor and the upgraded included $600.00 passive Special Edition crossover uses custom Emerald Physics caps as well as many other upgraded parts & internal OCC long grain wire.

EP4.3 priced at $4995/pr in standard Satin black finish with DSP2.4 digital electronic crossover & included $600.00 Special Edition passive crossover.

You can upgrade to the new EP4.4 right in your home for only $1200.00/pr     

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System Type
3-way, Bi-amplified Dynamic Dipole - DSP equalized
Frequency Range
28Hz–22kHz -1dB/+.5dB from target curve
Frequency Linearity
+/- 1dB from 100Hz-20kHz from target curve
8 Ohms nominal bass / 8 ohms midrange/tweeter
Max Power Input
150W RMS, 300W program
95dB 2.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz
High Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics 1 inch exit Titanium compression driver
Mid Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics 12 inch paper cone coaxial
Low Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics 15 inch paper cone
Special Edition Mid/high –Passive outboard 3rd order acoustic filter @ 900Hz.
Low/Mid –External DSP Asymmetrical active network @ 200Hz/250Hz.
Frequency Contour
Digital equalization – Emerald Physics DSP2.4
Standard Finish
Matte Black
Optional Finishes
Automotive 8 stage Tri-coat finishes in 5 colors $1200.00
Ancient Cocobolo and Santos Rosewood faux wood Tri-coat $1800.00
38.75”H x 22”W x 3”D (Baffle) (15” with rear base)
Net: 65 lbs each, Shipping: 80 lbs each
*Specifications subject to change
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