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 The new EP-X is here! Shipping Now, the EP-X is the first under $3,000.00 Emerald speaker that runs with no DSP and can be run with a single amp. We believe it is a breakthrough in a speaker in this price range. With its new Emerald Physics designed 8" point source professional driver system, the EP-X is a true 3-way quasi open baffle design. Frequencies over 250Hz are open baffle. Open baffle presents music without the box coloration's of typical speakers. Our dipole midrange presents a huge sonic soundstage that offers superb imaging with the point source midrange/tweeter design. Our Controlled dispersion design removes much of the rooms sonics so the EP-X will work in almost all rooms. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism and at anywhere near its $2,795.00 Internet Direct retail price.


Here is a user comment:  "Now that the EP-X’s are well broken in, I am just delighted. They are everything you say they are and more. Certainly one of the great bargains in high end audio."

The innovation continues in the Bass range with our new Tube loaded Bass Propagation design. This proprietary system improves low frequency power and linearity, while improving on speed and articulation. Tubes offer incredible strength at a reasonable cost to allow for breakthrough performance in this price range. The new Emerald woofer has a huge magnet structure for tremendous bass impact both in the low frequencies as well as the critical mid bass range.

Optional DSP equalization extends the bass even further and allows us the improve frequency linearity with our DSP2.4 digital EQ processor.

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System Type
3-way Dynamic Dipole with vented bass enclosure
Frequency Range
34Hz–20kHz +/-3dB
8 Ohms nominal, 6 ohms minimum
Min & Max Power input
15-200W RMS, 400W program
93dB 2.83V @1M @1kHz
High Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics 1 inch exit compression driver with waveguide
Mid Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics Godzilla 8 inch paper cone
Low Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics 10 inch paper cone
Frequency Contour
Optional Digital equalization – Emerald Physics DSP2.4
Black satin finish with Satin Carbon fiber tube is standard.
Silver (as shown in gallery) & copper finishes at $600.00 additional cost
39.5”H x 15.5W x 30”D
Shipping Size
Per pair on a pallet for safety: 48"d x 42"w x 36"h
Net: 69 lbs each
Shipping Weight
215 pounds per pair on pallet
*Specifications subject to change
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