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EPX-Pro is an upgraded EP-X. It comes with our high end Polyester tweeter from the EP2.7 and EP4.7. It also has a $500.00 Special Edition crossover and the $600.00 upgraded metal cosmetic from the EP-X. Sonics set a new standard in the price range.

Retail $3795.00

The EPX-Pro runs with no DSP and can be run with a single amp, either tubes or solid state. We believe it is a breakthrough in a speaker in this price range. With its new Emerald Physics designed 8" point source Godzilla professional driver system, the EP-X is a true 3-way quasi open baffle design. Frequencies over 250Hz are open baffle. Open baffle presents music without the box coloration's of typical speakers. Our dipole midrange presents a huge sonic soundstage that offers superb imaging with the point source midrange/tweeter design. The Polyester tweeter used from our top of the line EP2.7 is detailed and smooth. Our Controlled dispersion design removes much of the room's sonics so the EP-X will work in almost all rooms. Cutting edge sonic performance establishes a new level of realism and at anywhere near its $3,795.00 Internet Direct retail price.
Internet Direct introductory cost of $2695.00/pr

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System Type:
3-way Dynamic Dipole with vented bass enclosure
Frequency Range
34Hz–22kHz +/-2dB from target curve
8 Ohms nominal, 6 ohms minimum
Min & Max Power input
15-200W RMS, 400W program
93dB 2.83V @1M @1kHz
High Frequency
1” Polyester compression driver w neo magnet & copper clad aluminum VC
Mid Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics Godzilla 8 inch paper cone w/huge magnet structure
Low Frequency
Custom Emerald Physics 10 inch paper cone
Frequency Contour
Optional Digital equalization – Emerald Physics DSP2.4
Black satin finish with silver or copper fronts. Satin Carbon fiber tube is standard. Silver shown above.
Black Metallic, Anthracite and Red Automotive Tri-coat finishes available at $8000.00 cost
Rosewood or Cocobolo Tri-coat is a $1200.00 a pair option
39.5”H x 15.5W x 30”D
Shipping size
Per pair on a pallet for safety: 48"d x 42"w x 36"h
Net: 69 lbs each,
Shipping Weight
215 pounds per pair on pallet
*Specifications subject to change
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