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Powered USB cables

This project is on hold until we can deal with some technical issues and make it perfect

The Emerald Physics Power Flow USB interface is far more than a USB cable. It is a powered interface with built in regenerator to completely rebuild the USB signal. We do a complete regeneration of the power and generate a super clean 2 amps of new USB power. This compares to the 150-400 milliamps that most computers output. It comes with an outboard Turbo Boost Power Supply that plugs into the wall. This allows us to make over 2 amps of brand new super clean current that is dramatically larger and cleaner than the power coming from your computer's USB output. It is a reclocker to dramatically lower jitter. It matches impedance for lower signal resistance. And it will galvanically isolate your DAC from your computer or server to lower noise even further. It comes with two 3 foot USB cables and no other USB cable is required although you can use any hi end USB cable with it.

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